Confidentiality is both a personal and professional value for me and consequently you will see that my testimonials are semi-anonymised (with randomised silhouettes).

If you are interested in working with me, and would like to find out more from any of the wonderful people I have been honoured to work with, this can be arranged.

Improve as a person and as a colleague

“These coaching sessions have really opened my eyes to what I can achieve, both with my peers and with my career. Jo was able to coach me to explore who I am and what makes me tick. This opened up a wealth of information that I didn’t really know about myself and has enabled me to improve as a person and as a colleague. If you are looking to grow and discover more about yourself I’d strongly recommend Propulsion Coaching.”

(CM Manchester)

Proficient technique of getting the task done

“I can’t thank Jo enough for what she has done for me.
Jo helped me with a project where I had an 1 and Half hour presentation to be delivered in 30 minutes.
Once Jo had battled the forest with me, I could see the fields.
We achieved our aim ensuring all key points were covered.
Jo has a proficient technique of getting the task done, works with you every step of the way.
I would highly recommend Jo to anyone and everyone, no matter the project, big or small, you will always get the right result.”

(SP Grantham)

Right person for the job

“As a small company with ambitious growth plans we can’t afford to gamble when it comes to recruitment. Will the person fit the role? How keen is the candidate to develop their skills within our company? What motivates them? Will our investment in that person’s training produce a return? Will they buy in to what we’re really all about? These and other questions gave us concern because we knew that – whilst producing a shortlist of candidates could be done based on the strengths of written applications, CVs and examples of work – a job offer would ultimately be based on interviews.

Jo de-risked our recruitment process from start to finish. She provided feedback on the job advertisement and helped us write questions (and appraisal forms) for the interviews. Of most benefit though was having Jo in on the interviews. What a star. Jo is extremely good at making the candidates comfortable (which is when you get to see the real people) and drawing out of them their strengths, ambitions, doubts and concerns. Also, whilst we listened to the content of the candidates’ answers, Jo listened to how they answered; picking up on nuances and discrepancies (against what was on paper) that we would certainly have missed. The support Jo provided ensured we recruited the right person for the job. We’re delighted with our new recruit and are indebted to Propulsion Coaching.”

(RW Lincoln)

Separate emotion from the business

“I commenced a coaching programme primarily for personal development, and so far, the benefits have been significant, especially being able to recognise when things are holding you back, when to work on them, and when to let go. It is very powerful and extremely useful, and certainly not something you can easily do yourself.

Furthermore, as a small business owner I have found the impact to have been felt on a much wider scale, for example in developing our marketing message that resonates more effectively with our target customers.

I have also found through the coaching that I am now able to separate emotion from the business and deal with those aspects independently, enabling me to make better and tougher business decisions objectively, whilst having more confidence in my decision-making process.

As I plan to grow the business, any flaws in my thinking – which could potentially be magnified in the future – are being nipped in the bud; these timely adjustments are already paying dividends. Coaching effectively shortcuts potential mistakes and is a very efficient way of making progress.
I am also finding that I am more comfortable about devolving work to staff, improving both my own efficiency as well as that of the business.

Having a coach feels like someone else is on the team, who is completely non-judgemental, completely focused on my success, and without them having to know all the technical information.

In short, my coaching with Jo is proving to be extreme value for money.”

(KH Lincoln)

A new way of thinking

“I was privileged to be coached by Jo on 3 occasions recently in relation to building my confidence with presentation skills. I become very nervous beforehand and consequently do not give of my best.

Jo’s coaching has enabled me to develop a completely different approach to tackling my nerves and lack of confidence. Through Jo’s skilful coaching techniques, brilliant questioning and patience to listen to me, she has enabled me to think in areas I have never thought of before, and to develop a new way of thinking which is now giving me the confidence to approach these important opportunities with a newfound positivity and with a relaxed state of mind, which before Jo’s coaching l would never believe l could have achieved.

l am extremely grateful to Jo, her coaching has enabled me to ‘cure’ one of the biggest things which has been holding me back in my life and career to date and I am delighted to have found this new confidence thanks to her coaching.

I would recommend her unreservedly – she is an amazing coach – thank you Jo!”

(LD Oxfordshire)

Space to explore

“My coaching sessions with Jo have been invaluable to me. I’ve gained more clarity and each session left me motivated to complete actions and take another step forward.

I was surprised to notice that I was achieving aspects of my goal earlier than I thought I would. There was the odd week where hurdles would get in the way and that’s when Jo’s coaching really came into its own. Being allowed the space to explore why I was allowing these hurdles to stop me progressing, cleared my mind to move forward.

There were some real ‘aha’ moments where I realised why I have held myself back in the past and these revelations are one of the key things I am taking from my coaching experience aswell as my goal success.

I can’t recommend Jo enough to anyone who truly wants to achieve their goals.”

(HK Chelmsford)

New spark of motivation

“I approached Jo for coaching on a goal that I had tried to tackle myself and was making very slow progress on. Jo helped me to work out how to break the goal down, reminded me what my strengths were and gave me a new spark of motivation which is now getting me results and setting me off on a path that feels right to me. If it wasn’t for Jo coaching me I would still be where I am on that goal. I feel I have got a part of me back that I never thought I would. I highly recommend Jo for anything that you want to work on that’s holding you back.”

(MM Leeds)

Interesting insights

“The coaching sessions with Jo helped me gain clarity around my goals, which are often quite intangible, helping me to define what I really wanted.

Jo was very good at pushing me to define more options rather than settling for the ones that first come to mind, and this threw up some of the best solutions.

The questions Jo asked often made me look at issues in ways I would not have normally done which threw up some interesting insights into my own thinking and perspective.”

(JA Falmouth)

Fresh perspective

“My coaching sessions with Jo have been extremely helpful. I have been able to look at what I want to achieve and how I want to achieve it in a much clearer way than I was previously. Her questions have been insightful and have helped me to look at things from a fresh perspective.

Jo has always been both professional and friendly, and has always made me feel fully supported and listened to. Thanks Jo for being a great coach!”

(HH Redditch)

"Excellence is never an accident. It is always the result of high intention, sincere effort and intelligent execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives - choice, not chance determines your destiny."