Your coaching sessions are all about you.

However it may help you decide whether I’m the right coach for you if you know a little more about me…

I founded my coaching practice in 2017, in the beautiful cathedral city of Lincoln UK, with a desire to help people with their personal development, to overcome barriers, and grow and thrive in a way that is true to themselves, their circumstances, and their unique vision of the future.

I had invested in qualifying through The Coaching Academy’s extended suite of training, the ‘Protégé Programme’, as I am passionate about personal development for myself too, and also to ensure I can offer a multi-disciplinary service to my clients. I ensure I remain current within my profession with private study and research, as well as regular training and formal CPD events.

Prior to this transition, and following my education in the field of Chemistry, I had a long and fascinating career in police forensics, as a Crime Scene Investigation specialist, during which time I enjoyed accelerated promotion up through the management levels and across forces, ultimately to organisational forensics lead. I then entered Higher Education to share my knowledge and experience by teaching on ‘Forensic Science’ and ‘Crime and Investigative Studies’ degree courses; and once again enjoyed accelerated promotion to a strategic management position.

Throughout this exciting and rewarding career I developed a passion for supporting the personal development of individuals towards reaching their true potential – whether they were in teams I managed or were students I taught – and this led me to enter the next phase of my career as a professional coach.

From my experience and qualifications in scientific disciplines, as both a practitioner and academic, as well as my inherent analytical nature, my coaching expertise is enhanced with depth, detail and precision. Furthermore I routinely operate with high standards and my service provision is notable for its professionalism, confidentiality and integrity, and I conduct quality monitoring at regular intervals. I observe and abide by the coaching Codes of Ethics both of my own business and those of the Professional Bodies of which I am a member.

Many of the clients that are drawn to work with me – academics, students, innovators, entrepreneurs – tend to come from the STEM (Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) disciplines. However this is not a pre-requisite, so please do get in touch if you are intrigued by what you read across my website, and decide you would like to have an initial session to explore if we could work together.

"True growth only comes when you push beyond the ordinary, the routine.Be bold, be fearless and take every opportunity to surprise yourself."

Jo Mason