That was what one of my first clients said to me as we were discussing how my coaching could help him, and I have heard this basic human need being echoed by many people – clients or otherwise – ever since.

When was the last time you were able to ‘press pause’ on your hectic life, to speak about what’s on your mind, in complete confidence, without judgement, without interruption and without being offered frustratingly irrelevant advice? And how useful would it be if you were able to be challenged on those aspects of your thinking that were causing you to limit yourself? What if you were able to consequently change you way you think about things, fundamentally removing barriers which have impeded your achievement of more in the past?

Effective coaching does all these things. Furthermore it supports your progress toward success in a focussed and constructive way, ensuring you take manageable steps towards the solutions which fit your own circumstances perfectly – whether you are someone who likes to aim high at super-fast speed, or are more cautious and prefer to get there a bit slower – it’s your agenda.

You get to know yourself much better, as well as your deepest values – which are driving every aspect of your thoughts and behaviours – and this helps you to make better decisions. Your relationships with others can benefit hugely as you start to recognise and respect the drivers in them.

It enables more efficient thinking, as you have created a foundation of deeper understanding about yourself and what you want to achieve. It also facilitates more effective decision-making, which furthermore comes into its own when pressured and urgent decisions are needed, as you will have built the solid foundations to inform the process.

Coaching does require your commitment, both towards taking action and also to being open to the process, but the support you get is unparalleled: the focus is completely on you.

If you think my coaching could be for you and would be interested in finding out more, please drop me a message, it would be great to hear from you!