…..In life, not just forensic science!

At a superb training event I recently attended (subject: Transactional Analysis – mind-blowing!) we were all asked to share a rule by which we live our lives.

Some great examples were offered up which resonated widely across the delegates: “live each day as if it’s your last”, “time is money so don’t waste a second” and “better to give than to receive” to name but a few. What sprung to my mind was something on which my whole 16 year career in crime scene investigation / forensic science was based: “every contact leaves a trace” (Locard’s Exchange Principle).

Intended to reflect the concept of how evidence is transferred during a crime, and so forming the basis of the subsequent forensic examinations, I find myself now applying this rule in a much wider context.

After receiving some superb feedback from very kind co-delegates on the day, and having shared it widely since, this seems to be a powerful concept that is certainly easy to remember and is useful for framing our behaviours throughout life/work/business/play.

In this age of instant gratification and knee-jerk reactions, taking a second to remember that every action we take, every word we say – or write – leaves an indelible mark on a recipient, is a profound way of ensuring these ‘contacts’ with others are both purposeful and authentic.

So…..what’s your rule?!