*Award Winner*
The Coaching Academy International Coaching Awards 2018
NLP Practitioner of the Year - Joanne Sheri Mason

A global survey reported the following improvements for individuals who had experienced coaching (%):







In addition, of companies who hired a coach (%):


Were Satisfied


Would Re-hire

Source: International Coach Federation Global Survey 2016

Elevating Excellence

Our fully confidential coaching sessions will take the form of a structured conversation in which I use my expertise in listening, questioning, challenging, observation and feedback to raise your self-awareness, create clarity and understanding, facilitate your learning, and stimulate new ways of thinking and more creative problem solving.

It is a very unique collaboration in which there is a focus on you that is rarely experienced elsewhere. You are given the space and time to think deeply, without interruption, and without judgement or direction.

It is this unique partnership that differentiates coaching from other forms of support, such as mentoring or consultancy, as the underpinning neuroscience is designed to encapsulate multiple powerful factors which accelerate success.

In defining your goals with enhanced clarity, exploring your world from your very unique perspective, designing the actions that are the perfect fit for your circumstances and taking personal responsibility for achieving results, your motivation and commitment are intrinsically embedded.

"There are no limits to what you can accomplish, except the limits you place on your own thinking."

Brian Tracy


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